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Wampserver is not a basic portable application. Running Wamp64 after copying to a USB U: requires more modifications. Supposed the original install is J:\wamp64 :

  1. Define INSTALL_DIR u:/wamp64 in u:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.33\conf\httpd.conf (only affects internal Wampserver scripts)

  2. Replace all j:/wamp64 by u:/wamp64 in files : 1. U:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.33\conf\extra\httpd.vhosts.conf

    1. All (4) php.ini and(8) phpForApache.ini files for all php versions
    2. All my.ini files for all mysql and mariadb versions
    3. in all wamp64/alias/xxxx.conf files
    4. in wampmanager.ini file
  3. Before lauching U:\wamp64\wampmanager.exe "as an administrator" we must delete old services with opening a command windows and type : sc delete wampapache64 sc delete wampmysqld64 sc delete wampmariadb64

Now we can launch U:\wamp64\wampmanager.exe "as an administrator", the tray icon will be red. We have to create new services by Left1.Click and

  1. Apache 1.> Service 1.> Install service
  2. MySQL 1.> Service 1.> Install Service
  3. MariaDB 1.> Service 1.> Install Service
  4. Start all services

It works, I did it exactly like this, on a U:\wamp64 USB stick after copying my original j:\wamp64 folder.

Important : The USB stick must be NTFS formatted and always take the letter U: at each connection.