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Git and Github

To copy this script (and -a = all changed files since last copy) to your local (git commit) and remote (git push) Github repository (see details in git_help.ini):
in Windows CLI (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe), in J:\awww\apl\dev1\fwphp
      or in Git Bash CLI slavk@sspc1 MINGW64 /j/awww/apl/dev1/fwphp (master)
git status
git commit -am "Improved" (git commit -am "Initial commit")
git pull
git push -u origin master

More Git

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DDNS (Dynamic DNS)
After completing 3 steps below (see details link "My DDNS"):
  1. On intranet click link "My DDNS from local netw." eg or is free (non commercial) wildcarded DNS Domain which always resolve back to (your local machine)
  2. On internet click link "My DDNS from internet" eg
  1. Find your inet provider's nonstatic public IP adress eg eg here:
  2. Register (sign up) eg here: for free or payed DDNS account
  3. Send your public IP adress eg to DDNS provider so :
    (asks user name and password aquired in register step)


CSS designs
  1. LayoutGala site offers 40 different CSS designs.
  2. Gridinator provides a simple tool for creating a complex multicolumn grid.

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