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1. Learn - Explore, Connect

See and explore what other people write. Hard work on learning is worth nothing if not explained & shared.


mvc_M_V_data_flow_MVC_3tier_DAO_1req_response mvc_M_V_data_flow_MVC_3tier_DAO_2C_V mvc_M_V_data_flow_MVC_3tier_DAO_3Mbusiness mvc_M_V_data_flow_MVC_3tier_DAO_4Mdata mvc_M_V_data_flow_MVC_3tier_DAO_5Mdb 01_DDL_mysql_blog.sql
Step 1. Request is URL adress entered by user.
Response is HTML from Home view.
Step 2. Config_allsites (utl, utilities) is reusable (includ-able).

class extends utl is "ctrl+c,v reusable"

is view class, is "ctrl+c,v reusable".
Step 3.1 Tbl_crud is module DB adapter class, "ctrl+c,v reusable DAO".

This code layer is
Middle tier - business
logic & objects.
Step 3.2 Db_allsites DB adapter class is shared, global on site level, common, reusable (includ-able) Data Acess Object. Implements
Db_allsites_Intf reusable  (includ-able) DAO.
How works R(ead) of cRud :
in Config_allsites  called from Home_ctr returns user's commands (interactivity) decoded from URL request to Home_ctr which dispatches request (URL parameters) to own methods.

Home_ctr's method call Home's method which reads table rows using DAO's (three classes in Step  3.) and display them - response is HTML from Home view.

Image 1. M-V data flow in CRUD module and B12phpfw classes (column display)

Data flow determines the structure (skeleton) of the program code.


Image 2. Circular display of important functionalities, data and control flow and B12phpfw classes

Tbl_crud and Db_allsites classes have same named CRUD methods cc, rr, uu, dd. Tbl_crud contains also business methods (largest and most complicated code) which call CRUD methods.

Tbl_crud and Db_allsites classes are independent thanks to Db_allsites_Intf list of atributes and methods. Persistant storage object variable is parameter (dependency injected property palete object $pp1) of Db_allsites CRUD methods. This means that cc, rr, uu, dd CRUD calls in Tbl_crud may access any persistant storage - MySQL, Oracle, OS texts...

See  - good picture, but for me to complicated code.

Adapters are implementations - classes or methods which depend on interfaces, not on each other (ee do not depend on other classes).
Interfaces are abstractions, functionalities, features, ports. Interfaces in PHP are like UML diagrams or Oracle PL/SQL packages : lists of atributes and methods.
The Data Access Object (or DAO) pattern: separates a data resource's client interface from its data access mechanisms. adapts a specific data resource's access API to a generic client interface.

Image 3. Principle of M-V data flow in CRUD module

1. SEES in picture means : C assigns variables from user request in URL (from URL query) telling V what user wants and calls V method or includes V (not showed in picture).
2. UPDATES in picture means : V pulls data from M according C variables assigned in 1.

3. MANIPULATES means :
V (user request) may call C method for some state changes ordered in URL by user (USES in picture).
Eg : table row update "Approve user comment" in msg module. User`s events are so handled in Controller class.

View gets (singleton) or instantiates model object and pulls data from M. If we have user`s interactions (events) eg filter displayed rows (pagination is sort of filtering), than M-V data flow is only possible solution.

M-C-V data flow

Controller instantiates M and pushes M data to V. I do not see advantages compared to M-V data flow. Disadvantage are : for pagination M-V data flow is only possible solution, C is fat in large modules (lot of code). C in my msg (blog) module has lot of code, but code is very simple.

Other people made

Is it really open source if it's not made with love? 



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2. Create & Explain

2.1 Create your passion. Modules : Mkd, Msg PDO, Mini3 PDO, ACXE2, kalendar...

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3. Share

Share what you create.

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examples_path_rel = fwphp/glomodul/z_examples/
examples_url = http://dev1:8083/fwphp/glomodul/z_examples/
glomodul_url = http://dev1:8083/fwphp/glomodul/


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