Bootstrap 4.3.1 (2019) six PHP projects (no database, ee no table rows CRUD yet)

Six beautiful Bootstrap projects (submodules of module=folder "bootstrap") plus this home page seventh which show (all we need) code for easy make ibrowser GUI for fast web site pages.

Table rows CRUD is much heavier task - see help below about this module and B12phpfw program skeleton in mkd and msg modules.

HTML version is 2 MB, this php version is 180 kB - because globals (header, footer...) are in zinc folder. PHP is better than HTML because we have include statements : globals are in module local folder or in site global zinc folder. Includes from internet are slow.

03socnet/index.php - SPA (single page module)

04blog/index.php - not SPA, multipage module based on blog templates

05site/index.php - not SPA, multipage module based on site templates

HELP: 06portfoligrid/index.php - SPA - about me (my resume)   01help/index.php - SPA - about this module   02help/index.php - SPA - about us



/srv/disk16/3266814/www/, lin=34  *** ftr_pge  SAYS ***
INPUT: $module_arr['module_path']=/srv/disk16/3266814/www/
INPUT: $module_arr['wsroot_path']=/srv/disk16/3266814/www/
From $_SERVER['HTTPS'] and $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] : $module_arr['wsroot_url']=
From $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : $module_arr['module_relpath_requested']=fwphp/www/?b_tmplts
INPUT : $module_arr['wsroot_url'] . 'fwphp/www5/' $module_arr['site_url']=
From module_path and wsroot_path : $module_arr['module_relpath']=fwphp/glomodul/z_examples/01_PHP_bootstrap/bootstrap
From wsroot_url and module_relpath : $module_arr['module_url']=